Project Details

IO1 – Guidebook of Inclusion, Good Practices

Performing extended research on best practices and initiatives regarding strategies promoted within the companies, in order to change the characteristics of the work environment through the recruitment, inclusion and promotion of workers who are an expression of the diversity present in society. The final result will be an extensive guidebook available for all professionals working with the disabled, engaged to finding solutions to integrate disabled people into social and work contexts.

IO2 – Work Days Kit:

The Work Days Kit will be divided into three sections:

  1. The first section for host organizations will support organizations that offer jobs (companies, SMEs, public institutions, NGOs, etc) that need theoretical and practical tools to include people with disabilities in the workplace.
  2. The second section for support staff will support workers that need theoretical and practical tools to develop real teamwork and become a support, a point of reference, for workers with disabilities in the workplace.
  3. The third section for people with disabilities. To be better integrated into the workplace, people with disabilities who want to work need specific and transversal knowledge and practical/theoretical tools ready for use.

IO3 – EFE_E-learning platform

The e-learning platform of the project will be a core component, since it will support the end users and beneficiaries of the project to increase and develop further their educational and development needs. The platform will be the technical infrastructure that will be the basis for the organization of the e-learning Programme and Course, as well as online environment to host and store e-learning content incl. training and educational materials and all resources.

IO4 – EFE_ICT tool:

The main aim of the O4 is to ensure identification and diagnosis of the needed competencies of the beneficiaries of the project by the ICT tool (internet version). The main content of the tool will be the standardized competency profile of the end users of the project to define the competency gap, individual training path to improve the diagnosed competency gaps and match them with the training materials/modules which will be developed through the project, so as to follow the necessary and proper training path. The ICT tool for assessing the knowledge and skills will be accompanied by the user’s guide. It will explain all possibilities of this ICT tool to facilitate the work with the tool. The user’s guide will be available in English and national languages of the project partners.