EFE_ICT tool

The main aim of this part of the project is to ensure identification and diagnosis of the needed competencies of the project’s beneficiaries by the ICT tool (internet version).

It can be accessed here in all partner languages: https://efe-test.oic.lublin.pl/

The main content of the tool is the standardized competency profile of the end users of the project to define the competency gap, individual training path to improve the diagnosed competency gaps and match them with the training materials/modules which will be developed through the project, so as to follow the necessary and proper training path. The ICT tool for assessing the knowledge and skills is accompanied by the user’s guide. It explains all possibilities of this ICT tool to facilitate the work with the tool. The user’s guide is available in English and national languages of the project partners.

A comprehensive end user guide has been created, that you can access from here: